About John:

I was raised amongst scientists, schooled as an engineer, trained as a pilot and enamored with architecture. If I consider myself an artist (and I do), then where does the “art” fit in amongst all that? Actually, there’s an easy answer to that common question: I find art and beauty in everything I see and do. After all, isn’t art more a frame of mind than a thing?

I have been taking pictures seriously since 1981 but consider myself a photographer, in the artistic sense, only starting from the early ‘90s. Some of my work can be termed “classic,” yet my favorites are often the images with odd perspectives or unique subject matter. Please enjoy browsing through the gallery, and see if you find a favorite. I do have a few images that can be purchased…you can find those in the “limited edition” pages. If interested in one of these prints, or if you see something in the other galleries that piques your interest, please feel free to e-mail me.

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E-mail: John@JBordner.com