Limited Edition

Wheat Field, Bassano del Grappa, Italy

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14 x 14 inch image with 8-ply white matting. Signed, numbered (100), $300
20 x 20 inch image with 8-ply white matting. Signed, numbered (50), $450


If I had to give a name for my most favorite small town in the world, “Bassano del Grappa” would be the one. Nestled in the foothills of the Dolomites with the River Brenta running along the side of this ancient town, “picturesque” comes nowhere close to describing it. During the summer months I would take a weekly bicycle ride up to Bassano and then into the mountains. If I followed the river up, I was always treated to cooler air, welcome shade and wonderful views in all directions. Of course it was a flat and hot 15 mile ride to get to this “starting point” for my mountain ride. Because of that, I have a certain fondness for this particular wheat field and its sinuous lines as it marked the point-of-entry into my mountain escape. Feel the heat and humid air hanging over the field…and the promise of relief just around the bend!

No, I didn’t take my medium format “kit” with me on the bike to capture this image…I rode the Vespa there that day! The film used was Kodak 160NC, medium format, drum-scanned and then printed on Fuji Crystal paper.