Limited Edition

Bilbao Spider

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14 x 14 inch image with 8-ply white matting. Signed, numbered (100), $300
20 x 20 inch image with 8-ply white matting. Signed, numbered (50), $450


Number 2 of the 50 signed 20x20-inch prints was sold at the KVIE (Sacramento PBS) 2004 Art Auction. Proceeds went to help fund programming, and the beautifully framed (thanks Abreau Gallery!) print went to a happy home! This is one of my favorites. Let me include the “Artist’s Intention” from the auction here:

As with most of my photos of Bilbao, in this image I have tried to capture the present-day renaissance of this ancient (well, at least 700 year-old) industrial capitol of the Spanish Basque Country.  The revitalization of the City and the resurgence of civic pride are recent phenomena, and their start can be dated back to 1997 at the completion of the Guggenheim Bilbao. As with this image, the City’s revival encompasses all; old and new, beautiful or gothic, staid and noble as well as lively and carefree.  Literally, in this picture, (and figuratively, in the Basque culture) these opposites are bridged, crossed, and explored.  My hope is that this work will leave the viewer with the urge to explore this fabulous city personally, and to partake in its cultural renaissance.

Once again, the film was Kodak 160NC, medium format, drum-scanned and then printed on Fuji Crystal paper.